Beach Party


What Greece would have been without sea? How someone could visit Greece without going to the beach?
How original Greek Lindy Hop festival Athens Lindy Exchange would have been without a beach party?!

We are proud to announce that during Athens Lindy Exchange we will spend our Sunday at a beautiful beach near Athens!! We will start early in the morning by buses and we will stay until late at night! One hour and a half way from Athens a marvelous beach will wait for us for relaxation, swimming, sunbathing, playing water sports …and of course beach partying!!

During our presence there we can taste amazing cocktails and delicious plates that the bar is serving. Don’t forget to take your sunscreen and your hat with you because Greek summer lasts until October and the temperature could reach up to 35 degrees. Most of all take your dancing shoes with you because no one knows how many hours the beach party will last!

In addition a treasure hunt will take place in the area …shhh don’t tell anyone, just share the mystery!

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On Sunday.. we will go swimming to a blue waters beach and drink cold beers all day long! 🙂


Our bus will be leaving Siggrou-fix station at 10.30 o clock in the morning!


The beach trip will have

  • Great music by our Djs
  • The amazing The Jumpin’ Bones acoustic live
  • Cocktails, drinks and food served at the venue


#Ale2018 #cannotwait #beachtime
Let’s dance!