Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These are the general terms and conditions for the attendees of the Athens Lindy Exchange 2020, organised by the Jump & Jive – Athens Swing Team, further referred to as Team. If you do not agree with this document during registration you will not be able to attend the Exchange.


By registering for the Athens Lindy Exchange 2020, each attendee is expected to pay the adequate fee, in its entirety, according to the price in effect provided to them during registration, within two weeks of registering. If the attendee fails to do so, the registration will be cancelled to make room for other participants. The attendee is responsible for all PayPal or bank transfer fees.


We are sorry we can not offer a refund of the tickets. If you want to pass your ticket, please write us at email and we’ll brinh you in contact with some people of the waiting list.


The Team reserves the right to change the time or location of the evening dances, and will communicate any changes on the website and/or Facebook Page.


There will be taken photographs and audiovisual content of this event that may be published or broadcasted in any media or support, including our official websites and on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram, for promotional or internal purposes, but in any case without commercial purpose. By participating in the festival, you expressly consent that you may be filmed or photographed as part of the attending public. We are not responsible for photographs or recordings made by third parties. If you have any questions, write us. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed, let us knwo and we will respect your decision.


The personal information you provide will not be disclosed, in any situation, to a third party. Direct contact will be primarily e-mail-based, as we give you relevant information regarding the event and follow up with your registration. The Team cannot be held responsible for the integrity and privacy of e-mail messages as they are relayed by e-mail servers across the Internet.


Dancing is a physical activity in which you participate at your own risk. The Team decline all responsibility for any claim, injury, loss or damage which may occur during the festival.


By agreeing to this document the attendee is bound to behave in accordance with the general rules of conduct and with the existing Greek laws – all while respecting the house rules and of course dancing courtesy.


By registering at the Athens Lindy Exchange, you understand and accept these conditions without exception.