Taste the greek summer!

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Athens Lindy Exchange 2020

starts in:

Taste the Greek Summer!

We cannot wait for 4 days of parties, sun and exploring the amazing city of Athens!

  • Thursday
    20.30 Pre – Party  (Venue to be announced)

  • Friday
    10:00 Gelato walking tour of Athens
    15:00-19:00 Dance Workshops – Master Classes (at JnJ Studio)
    20:30 The Main Party ALE2020 (at Polis Art Cafe – Mix n Match – Strictly Lindy Competitions – Live Bands)

  • Saturday
    12:00-19:00 Dance Workshops – Master Classes
    20:30 Bar Crawling – Athens by night tour 🙂

  • Sunday
    10:30 Departure
    All Day Part at the Beach ALE2020
    23:00 Arrival at the city of Athens


If you wish to host some fellow dancer from abroad for a few days, before or after the ALE 2020, please fill in the form!

We will provide them your contact details so that you can get in touch.

We trust that you will do everything you can to be the best host ever!

Be the best Host


If you are planning to visit Athens for a few days, before or after the ALE 2020, and want to be hosted from a fellow dancer, please fill in the form! We will provide them your contact details so that you can get in touch. We know that you are going to be a great guest!

Looking for Accommodation

Our festival is based in the joy of dancing and socializing!

Organizing this festival takes a lot of effort and we are lucky to have talented volunteers waiting in the wings to help us out.

We welcome on board volunteers who want to help this festival be amazing! If you’d like to join our volunteers´ team, please fill in the form below and we will contact you very soon.

In exchange for your volunteer work, you will get a 100% discount on the Full Pass  price of the festival.

What you’ll have to do:
You will have to volunteer for a maximum total of 5 hours per day for the 3 days of the festival welcoming people at the registration, setting up the tea party or helping out in the evening events.

You may have to work on Friday and Monday, driving teachers to and from the airport – you must have your own car but we will cover the gas.

We ask that all our volunteers
a. Understand that they need to be very responsible about the tasks that are going to be given to them.
b. They are on time
c. Are happy to work for the festival and to help the participants

Sign up as a Volunteer
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