Arnas & Kamile

Arnas & Kamile

They’ve been in Athens a few months ago and you loved their classes! Meet Arnas & Kamile, our favorite Lithuanian couple!


Meet Arnas & Kamile!!!


Arnas Jasiunas

Arnas is one of the top dancers of the thriving Lithuanian Lindy Hop scene. His original approach to dance will add to the knowledge of a dancer of any level. Arnas ideas are based on concepts of body movement and rhythms. Also, long training in music makes his dancing a creative musical experience.


Kamile Pundziute

Kamile is a real treat in Vilnius Lindy Hop community, keeping it swingin’ since 2003. Whilst mainly focusing on the social side of Lindy, she has travelled many places in Europe teaching and spreading love for dancing. Her studies in body and movement awareness bring concepts of movement and following to a whole new level and is a base for her teaching. A knowledgeable approach coupled with an honest, joyful perspective of life is attractive for students.

The combination of Arnas and Kamile’s ideas about dancing techniques and teaching methods turns the classroom into
an effective workshop and gives students ideas for future training.


A positive experience guaranteed!


Ruben & Ingvild

Ruben & Ingvild

They will come just for you, all the way from Norway! They are amazing dancers, awesome gals and inspiring teachers!! We are are very excited to have them here at #ale2018!!


Meet Ruben & Ingvild!!!


Ruben Gared
Ruben started swing dancing eight years ago. Boogie Woogie was the dance that caught his attention first, but he very soon
discovered Lindy Hop as well. In 2013 he started teaching in Bergen, where the social boogie scene is very strong. After he began competing internationally a few years ago, he has accomplished various achievements (listed underneath).

Ruben has a passion for teaching, competing and especially social dancing. The highlight of the week is the Friday social dance in Bergen, where the floor is packed. He and his partner Ingvild embrace the joy, fun and spontaneity in swing dancing, and love to connect and play around with the “here and now” on the social floor.

He has accomplished various achievements. Semifinals in the Lindy Hop Strictly Competition week 2 of Herrang 2018, and 2nd place in the Solo Jazz Competition at Copenhagen Lindy Exchange 2018 to mention a few.


Ingvild Jørstad
Ingvild started dancing Boogie Woogie in 2015, and was already hooked after the first taster class. She loved the communication between the teachers and the students, the music, and all the happy faces one could see on the dance floor. After one year she started teaching, this is also when she started dancing Lindy Hop. Ingvild wants her students to feel all the joy, frustration and happiness dancing brings. Last year she started to compete with her dance partner Ruben. They made it to the semifinals in the Lindy Hop Strictly Competition at Herräng Week 2, in 2017 and 2018, and they made it to the final in the
Boogie Strictly Competition at Boogie Feet’s in 2017.


Their amazing energy will inspire you to dance ’til the morning!


Dimitri & Alexsia

Dimitri & Alexsia
We first met them teaching and performing in Rock That Swing 2018! They are amazing dancers, great instructors and Boogie Woogie champions! But have you seen them dancing the Lindy hop??? You’ll be amazed!! They come from our neighbouring country, Italy!


Meet Dimitri & Alexsia!!!


They started to dance when they’re just children, with Rock and Roll and then kept on dancing with Boogie Woogie competitions. Just one year and a half ago they decided to dance together as a couple getting a lot of great results in Wrrc and Festival scene, they are growing also in Lindy Hop, studying in several festivals and competing in these ones!


Don’t miss the chance to dance with them!
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Karina Shorets

Karina Shorets
She is talented , beautiful and a great teacher! She comes from Poland
and we love her, and her way of performing!!


Meet Karina!!!


Actress, Dancer, Teacher, Organizer. Passionate actress, who started her adventure in the world of Vernacular Jazz a few years ago. Karina fall in love with Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Balboa and Tap. At the same time she develops Swing Theater, which is a project of her own creation. Karina is a huge lover of vintage world and old-timing spirit of swing dance. In her classes you will activate your inner dance and acting potential.


Her favorite quote is: “Be ready to have fun and don’t forget to Smile  ”



Svetlana & Roberto

Svetlana & Roberto
Uniting their great dancing backgrounds –n their stunning looks– from Russia & Italy , these guys are amazing! Come to their class in #Ale2018 to.. shuffle shuffle 


Meet Svetlana & Roberto!


Svetlana Zoubkova

Born in Moscow, based in Prague, Svetlana has been dancing since she learned to walk. Starting with ballet and gymnastics as a kid, through scenic/modern dance, ballroom dances or even hiphop as a teenager. But only after discovering swing her life separated on before and after. Short affair with lindyhop was followed by her true loves – Collegiate Shag and a bit later Balboa, which became her main focus and passion. Successfully competing on many international festivals, teaching tasters and social dancing on countless events till the morning lights. Svetlana loves to use elegancy and smoothness of ballet&ballroom dancing background in her shag and balboa interpretations and will be more than happy to make you fall in love with these amazing swing dances as well.


Roberto Alaia

Based in Rome, always passionate in combining rhythm and movement ranging from different disciplines. In 2010 Roberto Alaia approached swing and in 2011 he fell in love with Balboa dance.
From that moment he has been participating with dedication in numerous workshops and international trainings.
He performs in prestigious events, collaborating with the crew of Swing Circus for the realization of important shows including the New Year’s Eve 2013 and 2014 for the City of Rome, the International Film Festival, and with Hot Swing Dancers for the 2016 New Year ‘Umbria Jazz Winter.
He’s been performing on prestigious events for companies such as JTI, Algida, Renault and many others, as well as in some music videos including “I Charleston Roma”, and in the movie “Indizi di felicità”(Reg. Walter Veltroni).
In Rome he teaches regularly Lindy Hop, Balboa and Authentic Jazz classes.



Alberto & Evgenia

Alberto & Evgeniia

They are the most smiley people ever and their classes are the best! Talented dancers with solid technique, they are travelling the world to teach lindy!! We are so happy to have Evgeniia & Alberto in our teachers team!!


Meet Alberto & Evgeniia!


Evgeniia Zlatina

Evgeniia took her first step in swing dancing, when she started taking Boogie Woogie classes in 2012. Since then her life has changed.
She fell completely in love with the dance process and the boundless possibilities of development. After a few years of dancing Boogie she came to the party at Summertime Swing School and was charmed by Lindy Hop energy and community. So she started daily Lindy Hop training, going to international festivals, participating in competitions and discovering the swing world with a huge history, thousands of beautiful dancers and smiles.
In 2015 she began teaching lindy hop and solo jazz at Summertime Swing school in St. Petersburg, Russia. For Evgeniia dance is a way to feel freedom – there are only you, your partner, your true feelings, music and exactly this moment. She thinks that swing dancing is a way to connect people from different cultures and parts of the world and bring happiness into their life!


Alberto Meucci

Alberto is a swing dancer and teacher from Genova. He discovers Lindy Hop in 2015, and it is love at first dance: he throws himself into the world of Swing specializing in Lindy Hop but trying out anything, from Jazz Steps to Blues, Shag and Balboa. His eagerness to learn and challenge himself drives him to quit his job to entirely dedicate himself to his career as a dancer. Today, he takes part in competitions all over Europe and attends every possible festival in order to improve his skills as performer and a teacher.

He sees every lindy hopper a source of inspiration, be it a teacher or student of his: every new connection is a discovery. Dancing is energy and freedom to him, and that is what he hopes to share with the rest of the world.